Why Prop

We offer a quick ferry service that connects bay area communities to downtown job centers. Each of our vessels are US Coast Guard inspected and our civic partnerships allows our guests to easily connect to accessible ports across the bay.

"Best and fastest way ever across the Bay! It's changed my mood completely - I arrive at work happy now in the morning. Thanks Prop SF for this brilliant idea and for having the nicest team."
- Adrienne, Prop Rider

“Great commuter service. My first trip. I did a round trip route from Emeryville at 6:45 AM, to SF. I stayed in SF while enjoying a hot coffee walking along SF Embarcadero. Then did the reverse fast ferry route, back to Emeryville at 7:45 AM."
— Louise, Prop Rider


PROP's leadership, management and boats combined, create a transportation revolution that is affordable, quick and fun.

PROP has been providing ferry service to a growing list of Fortune 500 companies. This same service will now be offered to the public. 

Vessel specs

  • Fuel efficient

  • Bay Areas Newest Commercial Vessel

  • Coast Guard Inspected

  • Experienced Friendly Crew
  • Comfortable Indoor Seating

Vessel amenities

  • Seating for 36 people

  • Enclosed cabin

  • Sport bucket seats

  • Bike racks (bikes are free)
  • Heaters
  • USB chargers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Occasionally doughnuts are provided